Zandra Högberg
New York City


I'm Zandra, my last name Högberg (meaning high mountain in Swedish) reveals where I was born, between the valleys and mountains of Northern Sweden. My works are concept driven photo narratives, often inspired by my memories of growing up in Scandinavia with its contrasting extreme periods of darkness and endless days of light. Light fascinates me, it has the power to tell stories about a bare landscape and with its ability to shape, accentuate color and texture it can magically set the mood to a situation and help communicate a story. 

In addition to light, faces and places are main inspiration sources for me. I'm naturally curious, so when I see a striking face, I wonder what that person's story is or simply imagine them as characters of my narratives. Sketching ideas and developing mood boards are important steps in my process and I enjoy being part of producing a shoot. Received my BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, I photograph on location as well in the studio.

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